(Pics) Hushpuppi and Comedian, Mr jollof in instagram feud

Nigerian comedian, Mr. Jollof and
Nigerian big boy, Hushpuppi have

started their social media war which
they paused few months ago.
The whole drama started when Mr.
Jollof called out Hushpuppi for
spending N11 Million at a Lagos club
when he could have empowered several
young guys with the money.
Hushpuppi today took to his Instagram
page to mock Mr. Jollof for speaking
against ingrates, saying he did
something similar to him months ago.
Hushpuppi shared the video of Mr.
Jollof and wrote;
“But the day I give this idiot
100,000 without doing any work
for me, he appreciate am shine
teeth almost kneel down thank
me after he say na crumbs
. Such is life, pple know
how to point other’s mistake but
not theirs !!! Now u don
judge yourself with your own
mouth. I will still keep doing
good anyway. Either una
appreciate am or not”
Mr. Jollof replied him saying;
“@hushpuppi Yes the day you
gave me 100k I really
appreciated the funds you gave
me I shine my teeth like goat
sef, it went a long way for me
but the day you claimed you
spent 11million in the club I find
it disturbing to humanity
because you should have done
something useful with that funds
despite the fact you are worth
more than 11million naira 10
times richer. I only tried to show
you what someone like you that
people look up to can
appreciate. For the records
when everyone was attacking
you I never said anything about
hushpuppi because you have
done something good for me in
the past. Today you call me
IDIOT expecting me to throw
shades at you but brother I will
never insult you rather I will say
you misunderstood me right
from the day I tried correcting
you. A wise man learn from
people. If I see you any day I
will hug you as my brother but if
you choose to ignore me no
wahala atleast make I behave
like someone when don clock

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