Many of us struggle with affording internet
connection. Data plans are relatively costly
for the average man in our country. This has
greatly impeded a lot of our browsing
expeditions especially on social media. Many
of us are skeptical when we surf social media
for the sake of data consumption.
This is why Twitter’s Lite Version is big time
goodnews for us here in Naija. Twitter is
releasing The Lite aimed at emerging markets
marked with data incongruences. Twitter has
already launched the Twitter Lite in the
Philippines. The success of the Twitter Lite in
the Philippines would now determine if
Twitter would extend it across the world in
time to come.
According to a statement from Twitter:
Well talking about the Twitter Lite, it is no
much different from the normal Twitter app.
You can check news, scores and all that. The
Lite according to Twitter, the lite consumes
70% less data when compared to the
standard version. One beauty about this Lite
is that there is media-free mode. With this
mode, you can view preview of videos and
images allowing you to decide which media
materials to download.

“The Philippines market has slow
mobile networks and expensive data
plans, while mobile devices with limited
storage are still very popular there.
Twitter Lite helps to overcome these
barriers to usage for Twitter in the