PropellerAds Minimum Payout Is Now $25 For New Publishers

Recently, one of the most popular ad networks,PropellerAds, made a significant change to their minimum payout structure.
PropellerAds lowered down the minimum payout to $25 for all publishers, with one condition. The condition here is that this only applies to publishers who signed up after 1st October 2017.
For publishers who signed up before that, their first payout needs to be greater than $100. If you signed up after 1st October 2017, your currentbn balance is below $100, and you haven’t received any payouts previously, you need to wait until your balance reaches $100 to request the first payment.
Right after that, the minimum for your account will be lowered to $25.
Currently, PropellerAds supports payment using the following methods:
Their wire transfer costs $50 in fees, and you are much better off using Payoneer or PayPal to withdraw your payout. If you are someone making more than $10,000/month from PropellerAds, then you can consider using wire transfer.

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