Recently,  i have  been receiving e-mails from readers on blogging. 
Most of them usually ask how much i make from my blog while others make enquiries about how to blog. 

However,  i contacted some pro-bloggers on the pro's and con's of being  a blogger. 

Today, we will comprehensively take a swipe  about good and bads, the problems  and a few tips (guides). 

It been close to 5 years have been to the blogosphere, so i have made a lot of mistakes as a blogger, but thank to pro-bloggers (who wished to be anonymous) that helped put up in the right ways. 

Blogging came into limelight 15 years ago, and was mostly used by students, in fact,  was used by some  as the text form of podcast. 

However, AUTOMATIC (parent company of WordPress),  has really changed the surface of blogging by introducing  CMS which is widely used as official  websites  of companies,  news agency e.t.c. 

Blogging back in days was used to express opinions about a content to wider range of people, ever since the introduction  of advertising agency such as adsense, medianet, reverend content, e.t.c) was established making it a source  of income to bloggers. 

Like an uncle would say "early birds  have it all",  the early bloggers were able to captivate  the money out of them, hence,  making  it a proffessional and widening the interest. 

Blogging in recent, is free for those who want fun or are new but would cost a mile to build a brand. 

Blogging  requires  niches, of which news (mostly gossips) has been the most popular because  it yields so income. 

But most people  in recent times has mistook blogging  as the short cut to money not knowing how hard bloggers work to make money. 

Over 120 new blogs are published daily over the world, 19 - 25 of them goes to become the best blog in 3 years, only 40 survive to the top in 5-7 years, 80 are still active while others struggles hard and 20 quits. 

Being a successful  blogger  is a 40 per cent positive,  because it requires your outmost approach to it. 

Most mistakes  bloggers including  i have made  is bring up or using same tactics, big bloggers uses. 

Blogging  is fun is the ringtone of all bloggers but could become frustrating  when you couldn't  make the best of it. 

As a leisure  blogger,  i don't  worry much on how much i make on my blog. 

Being  a full time blogger  is really  dangerous  as it takes a lot of time, while others have to write long  informative and howto's post other blogger  have to update  their site regularly. 

One thought  you should make is  the particular  niche, the easiest way to being a big blogger  is thinking  out of the box of a very good and new niche. 

Blogging  usually  make writers (authors) very popular  and could even give you the road to becoming  a big celebrity however  isn't  a clinch easy. 

In the  science  world,  i will say blogging  is directly  proportional to time and time directly  proportional  to income yielded. 
In a plain explanation,  most top bloggers who even made the wrong approach had to spend as much as 17 hrs on their blog. 

A footballer  spends 90- minutes,  trains 3 times  attends match conferences  and could earn all your annual earnings atleast in a week or some 2 days or a musician who goes on a show and spend six hrs. 

Since  the numbers  of bloggers  are getting  rapidly,  the chance of getting  cool cash is slimmer  and you have to crack the nut to make it but one thing you can evade is the break-through stage. 

You will be madly in a relationship  with money might even higher smaller bloggers to work on you but only 10-20 per cent  ever reach this stage. 

Without going further  just like music,  as a blogger  you have to brilliant  and smart,  have your way of doing,  taking smart niches. 

Blogging  is a great  to work at home,  but if i were to sincere if don't  have any back up jobs or other source  or aren't  super rich,  maybe  being  a vlogger or a model is a better  way. 

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