Samsung actually has a vested interest
in the iPhone X being a huge success.
According to The Wall Street Journal,
the company stands to make around
$110 from each phone sold, which all
told could result in billions more than
the company even made on its own
most-recent flagship, the Galaxy S8.

To be clear, all that money will go to
Samsung Group, the conglomerate, as
opposed to specifically the mobile
division of the company. 
Analysts say Samsung could make $4billion more off the iPhone x than it didthe Galaxy S8.
Why the
windfall? Samsung made the OLED
display, NAND flash, and DRAM chips
in the iPhone. It’s currently the only
company capable of manufacturing
these items at the volume that Apple
needs, which means Apple has to buy
the parts from Samsung.
If the iPhone X sells the way analysts
think it will, that means Samsung
stands to make billions of dollars off
its competition. In fact, the Journal
reports that one analyst thinks
Samsung will likely earn $4 billion
more from selling parts to Apple than
it did from sales of its own phone.
“These are two of the largest
companies on the planet deeply tied at
the hip and directly competitive,”
David Yoffie, a professor at Harvard
Business School, who has studied
Apple and serves on Intel Corp.’s
board told The Journal. “That makes
this stand out compared with almost
any relationship you can think of.”