[STORY] My Life As A Yahoo Boy (Episode 3)

guy was now trying to explain a stuff to the white man on the other line, and
is voice was changing somehow, so he told the white man to hold on that he had
to visit the larvatory, he shar put the call on hold and was like, “chai my
voice is having problem who can help me with this maga? ” , he was directing
that at his friends, but none could because there voice was too tough to fake
it to that of a girl. Have been taking a peep at them from the start of the
whole thing, as i look at them one last time, the eyes of the bro and I just clashed,
he just signaled at me to come, I didn’t hesitate, he explained that he needs
my help to talk to his uncle, I was smiling, I was like, why is he framing the
thing up, I understand, and I heard all you have been saying since bro, the bro
said, “smart nigga”, he told me what to tell the white maga on the next line,
and sincerely my voice is very girlish on the phone, so I didn’t have to fake
it, he unhold the call and passed the phone to me.

Me : hi dear, I’m sorry for holding you for
that long
: No problem I understand you.
Me :
so dear, what about the iphone you promised to send
 : Am still working on it girl, I have plans to send other things along
that to you. And don’t be permissive.
Me: I’m
sorry dear, it’s just that have been looking forward to having that phone for a
while, you such a darling, never knew you had other plans.
As the conversation was going on and on, everyone
was looking at me mehn, cos I was just flowing with the white maga, they don’t
know am experienced some how, after about 5mins conversation the white maga and
I ended the conversation. And he promised to send the stuffs the following day.
The bro who gave the phone was the first to comment.
Bro : Champ you be bastard, gimme five, have been tasking these maga for two weeks
and he never yield, and you just control am in few minutes. O boy I hail o!
just sat there blushing the bro gave me 5k that day mehn and we exchanged phone
numbers, other friends of his also collected my number. I had my hair cut
sharply and left there for home smiling, lol that how my YY life was kicking
To be

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