This means that candidates can now monitor their admission
status and easily know when they have been offered an
Once a candidate has been offered admission, such candidate
is required to do either of two things; to accept the admission or
to reject it.
Once you accept the admission, your admission quest is over
as you will no longer be available for other schools' admission
consideration. On the other hand, if you reject the admission,
you become available to other schools who have free admission
slots for admission consideration.
It is important to note also that candidates who have been
offered admission on JAMB CAPS are to equally print their
admission letter after accepting the admission, as they will likely
need this during clearance and registration in the school that
they have been admitted.
We therefore advise candidates to closely monitor
their admission status on JAMB CAPS so as to do the needful
as soon as possible.
Some schools may not even publish list of admitted candidates
on their own portal or notice board. So for candidates that
applied for admission in such schools, the only way to know
when they have been offered admission is to check their
admission status on JAMB CAPS.
How To Check Admission Status on JAMB CAPS
1. Visit: http://www.jamb.org.ng/efacility/ and login with your
registered email address and password to access your
2. After you have log in you will see a welcome notice just
move down on the page you will see "check 2018 UTME/DE
Admission Status on CAPS". Click on it and you will be
redirected to the caps page
3. After clicking on "check 2018 UTME/DE Admission Status
on CAPS", you will see a page showing your JAMB details
and your admission status, If you have been given
admisison, you can now go ahead to accept it or reject it.
Note: If you are using a phone, you may not see the option to
check is Admission Status on CAPS, Most phone users may
only see the welcome message. The caps page shows only
welcome because it requires you to use desktop mode to view
the complete page. This is why the chrome browser is
recommended if you are a using a phone. All you need to do is
go to Chrome option and choose request desktop site for the
complete page to display.

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