Komodo dragon or Komodo monitor (also known as ORA meaning "LAND CROCODILE") is the world's largest existing lizards growing up to 10ft in length and 70kg in weight.

The Komodo dragons was first documented by dutch in 1910 when the Dutch colonial administration ordered explorers to verify the certainty of rumor of an existing dragon-like creature in Komodo island of Indonesia and was later confirmed in 1912.

Despise being discovered in Indonesia, fossils record shows that these beast lizards first existed in Australia.

Komodo dragons has a fork-shaped tongue that uses to sample its environment. They're are one of the few existing venomous lizards, it's venom causes instant shock to its prey that makes its weak to fight.
It's prey is said to die after 24hrs of blood poisoning because the Komodo monitor's saliva contains 50 strands of bacteria.

They prefer dry and hot habitat and very-fast carnivorous animals that can kill wild pigs in seconds and are known to  grave robing of recently buried.

Though, attack on humans are rare, they've been responsible for 5 deaths in last 38 years and others badly injured despite recovering.

Komodo monitors exhibits parthenogenesis; a process where female lays egg without mating. The Komodo monitor also cannibalize it's young ones.

The Komodo lizards, today, exists only in islands of Komodo and other parts in Indonesia.

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