Newspay : A perfect platform to make money at home

Have you heard about a platform where you can earn a minimum of 25000 per week?

Newspay is a platform created to help Nigerians that are social media lovers, this platform goal is to curb the activities of laziness out of Nigerians by helping them to earn through learning.

They say knowledge is power. Newspay pays you for your creativity, reading and exploring through the mode of creating contents, commenting and also replying comments that look good to you.

This platform is a finger-licking platform where Nigerians and everyone come together to earn on the platform daily and get paid weekly to their Bank of their choice.

You can earn on Newspay through three modes,
1. Affiliate Earnings - this mode is a mode where you can earn through people you refer through your link where you get #1000 out of #1600 of the new user's registration fee.
2.  NP Earnings(Newspay Earnings) - is a mode where you earn through the content you share on the platform, the comment you make and post you read, while you also earn for daily login in the platform.
 3. SP Earnings - this mode is sponsored post earning, this platform pays you for sharing contents on another platform such as Facebook and Twitter which is a worldwide platform.

Newpay pays readers weekly, with the minimum of #5000, you can withdraw you're earning on Newspay without doing any mode of referrer which is most rare nowadays.

Newspay has registered to help Nigerians with the at least total amount of #2.3 Million.

YES! NEWSPAY is real.

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