Enjoy Weekly Income With Over 25,000 As Income

Newspay is the Nigeria top platform that is on the verge of making everyone's life beautiful by letting people earn while they enjoy reading news and earn at their leisure time.

NEWSPAY is an online platform that rewards users of their creativity and their engagement on the website, this website main goal is to create a betterment for everyone, that is, all social media users.

The platform is not actually a get rich platform, it entails you getting rewarded according to your activities on the platform.
On this platform,  you earn from clicking news and also commenting on the news you click.

There are lots of testimonies on Newspay through those that have been paid and how it has helped many people's lives, so you should be rest assured and get yourself in order to be a changed one through NEWSPAY.

All what you just have to do on NEWSPAY is to open the link of news to read, make constructive comment and reply some others users comment on each news post and get rewarded for it.

However, there are different mode of earning on NEWSPAY, through the sponsored post, daily login, referrer, and other means.


1. Sharing of Sponsored post to Facebook/Twitter
2. Comments And Reply comments
3. Daily login
4. Creating contents
5. Referring new users.

All of this are ways of earning on the platform which will sum to #25000 at the end of the week which depends on how active you are on the platform through the week.

: https://newspay.ng/reg/npbundle/?newspay=Owolabibukola

Therefore, NEWSPAY pays its users weekly, in which each user must have at least minimum of #5000 before withdraw option can be made.


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