Enrich Your Wallet Right From Your Comfort Zone

It might interest you that I will be inviting you to join a platform where you can earn as low as 25000 per week which depends on how active and how you read to consume things.

NEWSPAY is a platform to learn and earn, this platform is to get Nigerians busy learning new things and earn money in a very simple way which is to curb laziness out of Nigerian youths that make use of social media.

However, This platform is not a get rich platform, it rewards you according to what you do.
However, it was created because of you which goal is to curb the acts of laziness and to let you earn while you stay active with the latest news at your doorsteps.

There are so many ways to get rewarded on NEWSPAY. Which means, you earn at every point in time you are in your leisure time, whether you're the bus travelling, return from work and have nothing to do etc.

With your activeness on NEWSPAY, cannot be over-emphasised, you would be earning even up to ₦25,000 upward weekly or even more when you join NewsPay.

NEWSPAY pays readers 62.5% Affiliate Earnings (referring bonus) worth #1000 which will be added to their account and accumulated with your daily activities for you to the platform.

Different Ways of earning on Newspay

* Daily Login
* Read News
* Create Content
* Comment & Reply comments
* Share Sponsored post
* Referrer link

With NewsPay, you are assured of smiling to Bank every weekend because your bonus is certain



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